Wondering Which Updates are the Best Value?

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Real Estate

When a potential buyer is looking at your home, they will certainly be interested in those important functional items such as the age of the roof, HVAC and hot water heater.  The emotional appeal of your home comes from that feeling they get when they walk in the door.  The updates that have been done play a large role in that feeling.

Depending on your budget the following are updates to consider for the biggest impact.


Painting is one of the most economical updates you can do.  Starting with the front door, make sure your entrance looks fresh and is an up-to-date color that compliments your home's exterior.  Moving inside be sure to choose neutral colors for your walls such as whites, beiges, and light grays.  Accent walls are ok.  White or light color ceiling are best - they brighten up the space and make rooms appear larger.  Don't forget to pay attention to your interior doors and baseboards.  They may need painting or perhaps just a good cleaning.  Smudges and fingerprints on the white can really detract from a pleasing appearance.


Flooring can certainly cost more than paint but is also key to appeal.  Ideally your flooring gives a sense of flow.  If possible, your home should consist of 1 to 2 floorings.  The fewer the transitions the better.  Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is a very popular choice and budget friendly.  If you plan to keep carpet in some rooms you should consider replacing it if it looks worn, stained or isn't a neutral color.


Kitchens are almost always important to buyers.  The current trend is for the white and bright kitchens.  Light cabinets and white quartz countertops.  If a complete kitchen update is out of your budget, start with a light neutral fresh coat of paint on the walls.  The next item on the list would be updating cabinets - look into painting your cabinets or paying to replace the door and drawer fronts.  New appliances are always a plus.


Of an updated bathroom is always appealing.  But again, if your budget is limited start with a good thorough cleaning.  Look especially for mold or mildew in grout or chalk.  A fresh coat of paint and updated lighting are small changes you can make.  Also consider replacing the mirror with a more modern looking one.


If you would like to renovate prior to selling but do not want to spend the cash upfront, ask me about Programs that Coldwell Banker has to update with no upfront cost to you.  No upfront cost, no upcharges and you pay at closing.